Why Should I Get Maintenance for My Water Heater?

Why Should I Get Maintenance for My Water Heater?

Why Should I Get Maintenance for My Water Heater?

Are you unsure why you should get maintenance for your water heater? That’s okay. There’s always a first time for everything. Water heater maintenance is essential to ensure your system works in peak performance all winter long.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get maintenance for your water heater.

Maintenance Will Increase Its Efficiency

Calcium build-up is one of the most common issues with water heaters. The build-up of loose minerals collects at your water heater’s bottom part, making it less efficient and more difficult to produce hot water.

In a gas water heater, these minerals tend to make hot spots that can damage the tank and cause untimely failure. On the other hand, minerals in an electric water heater can cause a lower heating element to fail. To prevent these issues and increase your system’s efficiency, we highly suggest flushing and maintaining your water heater regularly.

Extends Its Lifespan

HVAC is an expensive investment. Of course, you want to make sure you’ll get the best out of your equipment for many years. If you want your system to last longer, you should stay on top of its maintenance annually or bi-annually. Doing this routine will help your system maintain its efficiency and improve its longevity.

You’ll Save More Money

Flush your water heater at least every six months or once per year. It will save you money on your next utility bill, resulting in fast water heating. Did you know that by flushing your water heater, you can contribute to reducing your home’s energy use? That’s because draining your water helps ensure that it is functioning correctly. Additionally, clean water heaters use much less energy than dirty or clogged equipment.

Maintain Full Volume

Sediment and mineral build-up in your water heater can reduce the water volume that the tank can hold. By carrying out a simple tune-up, you can get full use of the water tank and increase your water heater’s hot water volume.

No Surprises

No one wants to go back home to an HVAC issue after having a tiring day at work. Instead, you’ll want to get cozy and relax in the comfort of your indoor and personal space. That’s why maintaining your water heater helps you avoid these types of surprises that frustrate you like cold showers or a flood in your home.

Still not convinced why you should get maintenance for your water heater? Don’t hesitate to talk to our experts at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling. No matter what water heater concerns you have, we’ll help you immediately.

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