Why Is My Home Not Cooling Evenly?

Why Is My Home Not Cooling Evenly?

It’s completely uncomfortable and annoying to find that one or two rooms are cooler than the others. If your home isn’t maintaining an even and consistent temperature in all rooms, you need to be aware of a few air conditioning issues that cause it.

Improperly Sized A/C

Incorrectly sized A/C will not allow your home to cool evenly and consistently. Your unit should be the right size for your load requirements and cooling needs.

Poor Insulation

The insulation has a big impact on your home’s overall temperature. If cool air isn’t retained indoors, you’ll end up wasting energy because your system has to run longer than it should to cool the entire house. This means you’ll be spending more on your utility bills in the long run.

Reinforce your home’s insulation by sealing air leaks. Air could be leaking through your doors and windows that contribute to an uneven temperature in your home. Re-seal the leaks and maximize insulation in the attic, crawlspace, and walls to address the problem.

Leaky Ductwor­k

With leaky ducts, you can lose as much as 30% of airflow. Even the smallest leak in the ductwork can affect the flow of air throughout the house. Large leaks like those in loose joints may leave detached or distant rooms with less or no airflow at all.

A/C Needs Repair

Your air conditioner might only need necessary repairs to work efficiently. See if the refrigerant is too low because it could cause your home to cool inconsistently and unevenly. Call an air conditioning company in Shippensburg, PA for inspection to know whether or not your unit needs repairs.

Incorrectly Positioned Thermostats

Usually, thermostats work best at regulating the temperature in rooms where they are installed. Say, for instance; the thermostat is placed in your bedroom: when the room reached its pre-set temperature, it will shut off automatically to prevent the device from overheating. Take note; it shuts off whether or not all rooms have the same temperature.  To evenly distribute cool air throughout the house, you have to find the best location of your thermostats. Or, you might want to add a zoning system to control the temperature independently in every room.

Need credible and expert A/C repair or inspection in Shippensburg, PA? If you have problems with uneven indoor temperature, call us at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC for HVAC services.

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