What Size of Gas Furnace Do I Need?

What Size of Gas Furnace Do I Need?

If you are thinking about buying a new gas furnace, you should start with finding the right size for your home. Too small or too big heating systems will not keep up with your comfort demands. To get the right size, pay attention to these factors below.

Location and Climate

Your location and geographical profile are important considerations before buying and installing a gas furnace. If you live in areas with mild winters, you need less heat to sustain a cold indoor environment. But for homeowners in extreme winter conditions, they require a bigger and high-efficiency furnace to keep up with the cold weather.

Size and Layout of the House

Getting the right-sized gas furnace involves many considerations including the size of your home. Look at the orientation and layout of the house. How many small and large rooms are there? Even the number of doors and windows need to be looked at. If your house is facing south, you would not need to run your heating system because of the sun shining constantly.

Your Home’s Insulation and Construction                   

The amount and quality of your home’s insulation can affect the size of your gas furnace. Houses with brick sidings are obviously more insulated compared to those with wood sidings. Properly insulated homes require lesser heat during the cold season.

External Setting

When shopping for the correct size of gas furnace, you also need to look at your home’s external setting. The shrubbery and trees around your home can significantly reduce the need for a larger furnace. Your home’s landscaping can protect your residential space from winter winds thus, requiring lesser heat throughout the cold season.

Furnace Efficiency

High-efficiency furnaces with 95% rating or higher and generate 100,000 British thermal units (Btu) significantly produce greater heat than its counterparts. Considering furnace efficiency, it might be possible to use a smaller and less expensive unit while receiving the same amount of heat. When you buy a furnace with greater efficiency, you can save more on your heating bills.

Gas Furnace Sizing in Shippensburg, PA

Need the right-size gas furnace for your Shippensburg, PA home? Take note of these factors that will guide you in the buying process. Or, contact our HVAC specialists at Johnston Heating & Cooling, LLC to perform professional and accurate size and load calculations of your furnace. Reach out to us whenever you need help.

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