Safety Tips for Heating Your Home

Safety Tips for Heating Your Home

According to a study, about 70% of home fires in the US are triggered by poorly maintained heating systems. To prevent the risk of fire in your Shippensburg, PA home, here are five (5) safety tips when using your heater these cold months.

Clear Your Furnace From Combustible Materials

Keep your home safe from fire hazards by checking around your furnace.  Remove newspapers, boxes, clothes, rags, and any flammable stuff near the system. Maintain a 3-feet distance of any material from your heating equipment like space heaters and fireplaces.

Use Your Portable Space Heaters Responsibly

Are you leaving for work or getting ready to sleep? Do not forget to turn off your portable heater! Never leave your heater unattended. Each year, space heaters account for almost 80% of fire-related deaths due to negligence of homeowners. Certainly, it is impossible to notice a fire threat when you are out of the house or while sleeping so make sure to shut it off when not being monitored.

Clean the Chimney

Have you noticed dark and tar-like substances that accumulated on your chimney? No doubt! They are creosotes which are flammable, chemical compounds that can easily ignite a fire. Any time, creosote, dirt, soot, and debris may build up and cause damage to your property. This is why chimneys need to be cleaned at least once every year. Do not neglect cleaning the chimney to keep a fire-safe home this winter.

Inspect Your Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Before turning on your heating systems, make sure to check and test your CO detectors and smoke alarms. Change the batteries if necessary. Keeping your alarm systems in good condition is crucial to ensure safety at home.

Be Cautious of Other Heating Appliances

Not all appliances that produce heat can be used to warm your home. Every appliance is designed for a specific purpose. So, when you are tempted to use other heat sources at home, just think of the danger that it could bring to you and your family.

Friendly Reminder from the Experts:

Warn your kids about the danger of playing near your furnace or any heating system. Always keep an eye on them if possible.

Be proactive about your home’s safety this cold season. Call our certified professionals at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC to maintain your heating systems. Our master technicians offer quick and quality services for all types of heating units.


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