Red-Tagged Furnace? Here’s What You Should Do!

Red-Tagged Furnace? Here’s What You Should Do!

A red-tagged furnace could be your worst nightmare this winter. The red tag is an indication that your gas appliance like a furnace is no longer safe to operate. Your system either needs repair or replacement. Learn more about red-tagged furnace with this post.

Why Your Furnace Gets a Red Tag

It is required by law that red tags must be issued immediately on gas appliances and HVAC systems once a hazardous issue has been identified. There are a few problems associated with a red tag which include the following:

  • Cracked/broken heat exchanger
  • Fire/electrical hazard
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Improper combustion

These are serious furnace issues that require immediate solutions. If not, these could cause damage to lives and properties.  

What To Do With a Red-Tagged Furnace

When your furnace received a red warning tag, it means that your system needs professional attention as soon as possible to identify and solve a critical issue. If you have a red-tagged furnace, you can opt for any of the following for probable solutions:

  • Heat Exchanger Replacement

One way to deal with a red-tagged furnace is by replacing the heat exchanger. A broken or cracked heat exchanger makes your furnace hazardous; thus it needs to be replaced. Ask your provider is the replacement is covered by the warranty to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Professional Repair Service

Unfortunately, heat exchangers are quite expensive that’s why others would rather have them repaired than replaced. Make sure to hire a licensed and professional technician to do the job to guarantee quality results. Call us at Johnston’s Heating and Cooling for any repair services concerning your furnace and other heating systems.  

  • New Furnace Installation

If you don’t want to risk your investment with the first two methods, a new furnace installation is the best option for you. Buying a new furnace ensures greater efficiency and better performance on your heating system. It’s a long term resolution for red tags that offers the best outcome to your time, effort, and investment.

Problems With a Red-Tagged Furnace? We’re Ready to Help!

Did you just receive a red warning tag for your furnace? Don’t fret! At Johnston’s Heating and Cooling, we have the best and effective solutions for your problem. Our specialists are always happy to serve your comfort needs. We deliver the best results to various heating, cooling, and IAQ issues in both residential and commercial spaces in Shippensburg, PA.

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