Quick Checklist Before Turning On Your Furnace

Quick Checklist Before Turning On Your Furnace

The cooler weather is upon us, sooner or later, you will need your heating system for warmth and comfort. Before you start heating up your space, here’s a quick checklist that will minimize the risk of safety and comfort issues when the cold strikes. So, keep reading!

Seal Any Leaks You Find

Do you feel a breeze of cool air inside your home? Air leaks may be to blame! Check the windows, doors, attic, vents, and electrical outlets for drafts. Seal holes and cracks you find. Replace old weather stripping and add insulation if necessary.  This will not only help your furnace to perform better, but it reduces your heating costs as well.

Replace Filters

Another thing you should check is your furnace filters. Dirt and dust build up in your system when it’s not in use for months. For better performance and indoor air quality, replace your filter every three months.

Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is working properly. A furnace emits gases that may pose potential health and safety risks. Test the device according to the manual instructions and replace the batteries as needed.

Switch Thermostat to “Heat”

Before turning on your heating system, set your thermostat to “heat.” It may sound simple, some homeowners tend to forget this step, thinking that their furnace will work once temperatures drop. We also suggest keeping the setting at 68° in the daytime, and 61° when you’re away for optimal savings and comfort.

Clear All Vents From Debris

Your vents can be filled with dust or be blocked by furniture. These obstacles are causing your system to work harder, resulting in poor airflow and high heating bills. So, be sure to clean and clear all your vents from debris.

Schedule a Heating System Tune-Up

After months of not being in use, your system components can fall into disrepair. Hiring a licensed technician will ensure your furnace is in tip-top shape and won’t let you down when the coldest days arrive. Plus, they can detect potential problems at an early stage, preventing emergency breakdowns and costly repairs or replacements. 

Dependable Heating Services in Chambersburg, PA

Repair, installation, tune-up, and complete maintenance—name it! We got you covered! At Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC, we offer a full range of heating services to keep your home warm and cozy.  So, if you need any help prepping your furnace for the cold season, contact our expert team at 717-504-2613.

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