At Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC, your health and comfort needs matter to us. One of our goals is for you to have clean and healthy indoor air quality. We take pride in providing a wide range of high-quality indoor air products from air purification and filtration systems to humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Health Risks of Low Humidity
When the humidity level in your home is below 30 percent, there is a greater chance of skin allergies and cold symptoms. Dry air leads to itchy eyes, chapped lips, irritation to nasal passages and some respiratory ailments. It can also aggravate common colds symptoms and skin allergies. Unfortunately, individuals with asthma suffer the most.

The recommended relative humidity range for comfort and air quality is between 30 and 50 percent. When its level is higher than 50 percent, molds and other bacteria can develop.

Why Do You Need a Humidifier?
Humidifier emits water vapor into a space to increase the humidity level of your home. It alleviates asthma symptoms, improves your IAQ, and it helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses. The added moisture to the air in your home can also help naturally rehydrate your skin.

When your nose is clogged, humidity is another way to help clear it out. The moist air helps keep the mucus flowing, decreasing the chances of you suffering from stuffed up nasal passages.

We have several types of humidifiers that you can choose from that will suit your humidity level needs. Call us today at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC, to help you decide what to buy and provide you practical tips to get the most of your investment.