How to Winter-Proof Your Home?

How to Winter-Proof Your Home?

It’s never too early to start winter-proofing your home. Let us help you stay warm and cozy throughout the chilly season with these tips.

Mind the Gaps

Don’t let the sneaky cold drafts waste your energy dollar and keep you uncomfortable. Get your caulking gun or weather stripping to stop them. Check your window frames, doors, and electrical outlets for gaps or cracks and seal them.  

Shut Off Your Outside Water Supply

The cold weather creates a lot of pressure in your pipes, causing them to freeze up and burst. When this happens, it can wreak havoc to your home’s safety and comfort. So, make sure to turn off your water supply on the outside tap. Add extra insulation to retain heat and prevent the pipes from freezing.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Setting the thermostat too high won’t help heat your home faster. Instead, it’ll keep your utility bills high and toast your home with abrupt heat. Turn down the heat by 1 or 2 degrees so you can save as much as 6% on your energy bill. 

Check Your Roof & Eaves

While winter is on its way, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of any debris. Remove the dead leaves and grime that can clog or ruin them. Additionally, inspect your roof for any missing, broken, or loose shingles. Repair or replace them immediately.

Add Insulation

Insulation can really make a big difference to keep you comfortably warm during the cold season. It reduces drafts and provides greater comfort and energy savings. If you’re not sure whether you need to replace or add insulation, bring in a professional to assess your home.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Run your ceiling fans in a clockwise position to push the heated air down. This way, your heating bill will lower as much as 20%. Plus, it will make your home more comfortable during these cooler months.

Keep your home cozy this wintertime with these helpful tips.

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