How Much Insulation Do You Need in Your Attic?

How Much Insulation Do You Need in Your Attic?

Is your home among the 90% of households in the US that are under-insulated? With a complete insulation inspection, you can identify your insulation needs in your ductwork, floors, walls and most especially in the attic. Let’s see if you have enough or lack one in your attic based on what the experts say.

Attic Insulation: How It Improves Your Comfort

If you noticed black spots, stains on the ceilings and walls and water leaks in the attic, it’s probably the right time to upgrade your insulation. These are signs that you need to add insulation in your attic, considering your climatic location and your home’s age. A properly insulated attic helps maintain a comfortable and even temperature in the entire home. Plus, it can help you save thousands of dollars on your energy bills.

How to Know If You Have Enough Insulation

Go to your attic and take a good look from one corner to the other. Regardless of the type of insulation, you are currently using, whether it is fiberglass or cellulose, one quick way to inspect your attic is through a ruler. Measure your existing insulation from the floor to the end of the seal. Insulation that’s level or below your floor beam means that you need to add more and be sure it’s evenly spread without low spots. One sign of adequately distributed insulation is when it covers the joists in the attic.

How Much Insulation Should You Add

The efficiency of your insulation is measured by its R-Value (the ability of insulation material to repel heat flow). The U.S Department of Energy says that insulation with higher R-Value is more effective in general. Depending on your climate zone, a specific R-Value is required. The rule says that colder states require more R-Value for insulation.

If your attic is uninsulated, you will need between R49 to R60 of R-Value. Meanwhile, if your current attic insulation is about 3 to 4 inches, you will need an R-Value lesser than R49. Experts say that it is not always necessary to hit the required R-Value as long as you have “enough” based on your existing need.

Attic Insulation in Shippensburg, PA

Have you decided to update your attic’s insulation? Whether you need to add or improve one, it’s always wise to hire the experts. Johnston’s Heating and Cooling, LLC is the right company to call for the job. Should you need help, just contact us by phone or send us a message.

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