Factors to Consider in A/C Tune-Up

Factors to Consider in A/C Tune-Up

The hot summer days are in the forecast, and we will very soon turn to our air conditioners for our comfort. When our A/C fail, we start to feel a bit strange, like something is missing.

Don’t wait for things to go unbelievably crazy this summer. Bring in a professional for an HVAC tune-up. But before that, here are essential factors you need to consider first.

Poor Airflow and Musty Odor

This problem is associated with obstructed air filters caused by mold, dust, and other debris. There’s no reason for you and your family to inhale all these airborne pollutants, jeopardizing your health and safety. Get your air filters changed every three months and your unit diagnosed by the experts.

Duct Leaks

Another factor to consider when getting your A/C tune-up is the appearance of duct leaks. Worn-out insulation, broken pipes, and faulty motor in your condenser are some of the causes. Depending on how badly damaged your ductwork, never take a chance to get it fixed by you. It may put a big hole to your pocket and put your safety at risk.

Dirty Coils

Dirt, vegetation, and other debris can build up in your condenser coils, restricting heat transfer and forcing your system to works harder. Regular A/C tune-up will improve your unit’s efficiency, prevent emergencies or sudden breakdown, and reduce your energy costs. 

Uneven Cooling

Uneven cooling can be caused by a defective thermostat, or an old unit which can no longer perform its job as it should. Reality check: just like a human body, your A/C gets old and weary. The average life of your system is 15 years.

How would you know the root cause of this dilemma if you won’t ask the pros? You can consider replacing it or getting an air conditioning tune-up to get your system back to the game!

Compressor Problems

The compressor is the heart of your A/C. It plays an important role, transferring the heat to the outdoor through the condenser coil and drawing in cool, low-pressure gas from the indoor unit. Can you imagine if it stopped working? No cool air and that sounds no comfort at all.

Schedule an A/C tune-up today!

Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC is your one-stop HVAC specialist. We have skilled and master technicians who have extensive experience with all kinds of heating and cooling problems. Name it and we have solutions ready for you. Contact us now!

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