Don’t Fall For These 5 Common HVAC Myths

Don’t Fall For These 5 Common HVAC Myths

Don’t Fall For These 5 Common HVAC Myths

Not every homeowner has sufficient knowledge of their HVAC system. That’s why it’s not surprising that most of them have misconceptions about their equipment, which often leads to more energy waste and discomfort. But don’t worry!

Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC is here to debunk the top 5 most common HVAC myths.

Change Your Air Filters Once a Year Only.

Changing your filter once a year can cause more strain on your HVAC system when it tries to draw air through all the trapped dirt and dust. Instead of just once a year, you should check or replace your air filters once a month. In addition to the workload of your system, your filter’s cleanliness also affects your IAQ.

Preventive Maintenance Check is a Waste of Money.

Did you know that your HVAC system works the same way as your car? If you take care of it as much as needed, the less likely you’ll have an emergency repair down the road. Unless you know the workaround, such as adjusting the blower components, tighten loose electrical connections, and inspecting the coil, not to mention finding it in your system, then we highly suggest you call in the professionals.

The Lower Your AC Temperature, The Colder Will Your House Be.

Your thermostat is more like an on and off switch. If you set your thermostat to a very low setting, then your A/C will take longer to meet your desired indoor temperature, especially if the temperature outside is extremely different from the inside.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Place Your Thermostat.

If your thermostat is in a sunnier or shadier area than most of the rooms, then you’ll have poor cooling or heating. It should be in a location where it can read your home’s general temperature. You can also consider investing in programmable thermostats that have sensor technology and can read each room’s temperature.

Closing Vents Will Reduce Your Energy Bill.

Once your HVAC system starts running, it will continuously cost you money even if your vents are closed or open. The vents direct the airflow, rather than turn your air on or off. If your room is too cold or hot, you can try turning off your system for a while or adjusting the temperature.

If you have any questions about how your HVAC system works in your Shippensburg, PA home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC, our team of experts will immediately respond to your requests. Call us today!

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