Common A/C Installation Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Know

Common A/C Installation Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Know

Is your air conditioning unit not giving you enough cool air? If it is showing signs of retirement? It’s probably time for an A/C upgrade for your home or commercial space.  At Johnston’s Heating and Cooling, we can guide you in purchasing the right system for your place. We can start with these common installation mistakes you should avoid.

Failing to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing the right HVAC contractor is essential when it comes to the proper performance of your air conditioning system. Always do your homework before hiring a dependable team. These tips can help:

  • Ask your social contacts for referrals – You can count on your family or friends for their helpful recommendations or referrals.
  • Do your homework – search online, visit the websites,  and check reviews and credentials of your prospective contractor. It also helps to compare the prices, services, and products offered.
  • Check on legal compliance – You’ll feel at ease knowing that certified, highly skilled, and trained technicians are taking care of your comfort system. These professionals have the knowledge, experience, and expertise in servicing your unit.
  • Seek out past clients – The feedback of a company’s past customers matter. You may ask them about the service they’ve received from the company.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Most homeowners think that bigger is always better, but in this case, selecting the correct size matters. An over sized or undersized A/C will cause you so many problems in the long run. But with the help of an HVAC pro, you can never go wrong. Your contractor will conduct necessary tests and calculations to ensure you get the right size for your unique space.

Incorrect Wiring

Incorrect wiring is another thing that can go wrong in your A/C installation, especially when you hire a technician who is not certified or properly trained. Sloppy work may put your safety at risks and create issues.

Deceptive Offers

Never settle for less! Don’t fall victim to offers or discounts that are too good to be true. Some technicians use substandard products which can compromise the quality of service and may cause several problems in the future.

Looking for quality A/C installation service in Shippensburg, PA? Get in touch with us today at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC.

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