5 Things to Do Before Turning Off Your Heating System Until Next Winter

5 Things to Do Before Turning Off Your Heating System Until Next Winter

It won’t be long before spring takes its place. But before embracing the warm season, here’s what you need to do before kicking your heater off.

Importance of Post-Season Maintenance

Well, you could just shut down and cover your furnace or any heating systems, right? Unfortunately, it was not a smart thing to do. Post-season maintenance is a vital part of keeping your heating equipment finely-tuned and prepared for the next year.

Therefore, if you want a furnace that works at optimal efficiency until next winter, you have to keep it properly. Check out our quick post-season furnace checklist below.

  1. Replace the Air Filters

You want to make sure that your system gets a new air filter before shutting it down. Replace the old one for better airflow and improved air quality.

  1. Give It a Good Cleaning

Your heating system deserves a good cleaning after months of working hard to keep you warm. Remove the dust and all sorts of dirt that have buildup on and around the system. Be sure to eliminate all the mess for a better heating performance next year.

  1. Inspect For Any Irregularities

You should not interfere with electrical connections and anything at home that is not your expertise. The same thing goes for your heating system. You should never fiddle with the system on your own. Otherwise, a disaster may happen. Always ask the professionals to look over your equipment for loose connections, unusual sounds, faulty wirings and other inconsistencies on the system.

  1. Check the Pilot Light (If Applicable)

The pilot light is limited to gas furnaces only. So, if you have one at home, be sure that the light is blue. Orange and other colors indicate impurities and other potential issues. Feel free to ask assistance from our experts to inspect your pilot light before shutting down your furnace.

  1. Call for a Furnace Maintenance

Once you are done with the previous tasks, you can go ahead with scheduling post-season furnace maintenance. Professional services like furnace maintenance ensure your system is working at peak performance until the next cold season.

Expert Furnace Services in Shippensburg, PA

If you want a furnace that works efficiently for the next years, make sure to get these things done. Call us at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC for professional heating services. Schedule an appointment today!



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