5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Won't Turn On

It is aggravating and downright worrisome when your air conditioning unit won’t turn on, especially during the summer. You start thinking what’s causing it. Can you fix it yourself? How much will the repair cost for an A/C service in Chambersburg, PA? Do not fret because Johnston’s Heating & Cooling is here to help. Here are five reasons why your system isn’t working:

  1. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit breaker is the most common reason why A/C units stop working.  It can be caused by an electricity overload from too many appliances being used at once. This usually happens during the hot season due to rising temperatures. What you can do is check your electrical panel and make sure that the A/C switch is “ON”. If your circuit breaker trips many times, call an expert to get it repaired professionally and prevent any further damage.

  1. Dirty Air Filters

Did you know that dirty air filters can cause a system malfunction? Simple maintenance, when neglected, can create tons of problems. How is that possible? Dirt, mold, and other debris can clog your unit and obstruct air to circulate. When this happens, the ice will start to form on the evaporator coils and cause damage to other parts of your A/C. To prevent this awful situation, replace your air filters regularly, and be sure to keep your air conditioning unit clean.

  1. Broken Fan Motor

A broken fan motor is also one of the reasons to be blamed when your air conditioner shuts down or won’t turn on. A skilled set of hands is needed for a complete A/C service in Chambersburg to inspect the system and resolve the issue correctly. In some cases where a replacement is the best option than repairing a faulty blower motor.  

  1. Damaged Wires

Your air conditioning system is composed of several networks of wires that are connected to make each part operate well. If one of these wires is worn out, disconnected, or damaged, your A/C is in real trouble. Some of the signs of wiring issues include flickering lights, burning odors, and hot electrical outlets.  Contact a licensed repairman to run a diagnostic test and fix the wiring issues.

  1. Faulty Thermostat

Imagine your thermostat as the brain of your A/C unit. If it is not working properly, it will put your system in jeopardy, causing it to run nonstop or speed up its wear and tear. For a quick fix, you can try these steps:

  • Check your thermostat. Look at the display panel if it is blank.
  • If yes, someone may have turned it off.
  • Make sure it is set to “Cool” and not “Heat.”
  • If the display remains blank, you may consider replacing the batteries.

If none of these steps worked, it may be time to invest in a programmable thermostat.

Contact Johnston’s Heating & Cooling for a Professional A/C Service in Chambersburg, PA

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit, let our expert technicians save the day! Contact us at Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, LLC today. We guarantee to give you the comfort that you deserve.

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